How does career progressions differ for those with different protected characteristics and across socio-demographic backgrounds?


The Media and Creative Industries directorate wants to probe and develop evidence for considering new funding approaches and business models across its sectors which can better ensure growth, social responsibility and environmental sustainability. As new challenges arise, it needs to develop a strong research evidence base to lead on policy and to support these sectors and their wider impacts.In terms of media, MCI needs to consider how best to support television, radio and the press sectors to adapt to the ever-changing media environment while maintaining a media which acts in the public interest and with social and environmental responsibility. The place of regulation and government intervention should be considered within this context. The UK has a reputation for the provision of a dynamic, strong, independent and safe sector where freedoms of speech and expression are supported. There will be a natural focus on the BBC over the coming years as MCI looks at the sustainability of BBC funding and prepares for the start of the next charter period in 2028.

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    Partially relevant as it focuses on the wellbeing of media contributors and the impact of structural changes on them, but does not directly address career progressions based on protected characteristics and socio-demographic backgrounds.

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