To be more successful in our mission we want to encourage openness and instil an appetite for change across the nuclear sector and its supply chain. We are therefore interested in research on organisational psychology and particularly research that investigates the root causes of organisation insularity and the tendency of large organisations not to be externally orientated.

We are interested in human factors research, particularly where it investigates the interaction of people with new technologies for example, use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for remote visual inspection of assets.

Our mission has a long timescale and we will need access to a wide range of technically trained individuals (Subject Matter Experts in nuclear decommissioning related areas). Research is one way that knowledge can be passed between generations and that individuals can gain the necessary skills. We are therefore interested in nuclear-related research as a method of maintaining and developing technical skills and capability fore example, centres for doctoral training and facilities capable of carrying out research on radioactive material. We are particularly interested in supporting skills and capability associated with plutonium.

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