How does access to off-street parking vary by local areas? What proportions of households regularly park their vehicle off-street, in front of their house, on their street and how does it vary by local authorities?


The reducing environmental impacts strategic priority is in recognition that there is an environmental aspect to all transport, and therefore almost all the work of DfT. Transport is the largest emitting sector of greenhouse gases in the UK, contributing 27% of domestic emissions in 2019. Our transport system must change to deliver the government’s Net Zero ambition and DfT will drive forwards that change through our longer-term green transport agenda. On decarbonisation specifically, we published our Transport decarbonisation plan (TDP) in July 2021, which sets out the steps we will take to deliver the necessary carbon reductions across every form of transport. Sustainability will be at the heart of levelling-up. People everywhere will feel the benefits – villages, towns, cities, and countryside will be cleaner, greener, healthier and more prosperous and pleasant environments in which to live and work

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    Why might this be relevant?

    The project focuses on parking issues in cities and proposes a solution that could provide data on parking availability, but it does not provide specific data on off-street parking or how it varies by local areas.

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    Why might this be relevant?

    The project aims to create a platform that provides real-time data on parking availability in cities, which could potentially include off-street parking, but it does not specifically address the proportions of households that park in different locations or how this varies by local authorities.