How can government intervention promote UK trade and exports? 


Increasing our global impact recognises the UK’s opportunities in the world and the importance of DfT contributing effectively toward the government’s vision of a global Britain. Operating and engaging globally will play a vital role in assisting the department in maintaining and extending its influence with international partners, including ensuring high standards of transport safety, security, and environmental protection and boosting UK trade, exports, and inward investment. UK science and innovation has the potential to develop transport-related exports and inward investment, thereby helping grow and level up the economy. Our R&D around climate change mitigation and adaptation can help influence the international community to take progressively stronger action.

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    Why might this be relevant?

    The project explores the impact of fuel prices on the UK's economy and trade, which is indirectly related to government intervention in promoting trade and exports.

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    Why might this be relevant?

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    Why might this be relevant?

    The project investigates the impact of climate change policies on business decisions, innovation, and trade activities, which could indirectly influence government intervention in promoting UK trade and exports.

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