Data science: Application of techniques, including AI and block chain, to unlock opportunities for improved and more efficient environmental monitoring, regulatory compliance, and land management


Geospatial data: Effective use of modern data architecture and analysis to make full use of data collected in the Defra Group and other relevant sources (for example from satellites, climate observations/models, and from other government departments).

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  • Data Science of the Natural Environment

    We will develop a data science of the natural environment, deploying modern machine learning and statistical techniques to enable better-informed decision-making as our climate changes. While an explosion in data science...

    Funded by: EPSRC

    Lead research organisation: Lancaster University

    Why might this be relevant?

    The project focuses on data science techniques, including AI, to improve environmental monitoring and land management.

  • SECURE- network for modelling environmental change

    SECURE is a network of statisticians, modellers and environmental scientists and our aim is to grow a shared vision of how to describe and quantify environmental change to assist in decision making. Understanding and for...

    Funded by: EPSRC

    Lead research organisation: University of Glasgow

    Why might this be relevant?

    The project aims to develop statistical tools to support decision making in environmental change, which is relevant to improved environmental monitoring and land management.

  • Satellite based Environmental risk analysis tool - FinEO

    Earth observation (EO) datasets provide insights into different types of nature and biodiversity risks, impacts and opportunities linked to land use changes: attribution of ecosystem degradation (extent and quality) to i...

    Funded by: Innovate UK

    Lead research organisation: TELESPAZIO UK LIMITED

    Why might this be relevant?

    The project focuses on developing a satellite-based tool for environmental risk analysis, which partially addresses the question by providing insights into environmental risks and impacts.

  • InformaTEC: Informatics Technologies for the Environment Cluster

    Global environmental data represents decades of investment by government, businesses and higher education. NERC is a world leader in this field. Environmental data are essential to the prediction and mitigation of the im...

    Funded by: NERC

    Lead research organisation: British Geological Survey

  • 4-D Modeller

    The exponential growth in open-source data that is underway has been called the 4th industrial revolution. Data analytics is a huge market growth sector. Most of the data that are relevant to public good are open source....

    Funded by: Horizon Europe Guarantee

    Lead research organisation: University of Bristol

  • All Data 4 Green Deal - An Integrated, FAIR Approach for the Common European Data Space

    AD4GD’s overall objective is to co-create and shape the European Green Deal Data Space as an open hub for FAIR data and standards-based services that support the key priorities of biodiversity, climate change, and pollut...

    Funded by: Horizon Europe Guarantee

    Lead research organisation: ASTON UNIVERSITY

  • Pilot Virtual Observatory

    Environmental science suffers from fragmentation of many kinds, and progress in answering big science questions and tackling major environmental issues depends on developing new tools to reduce this fragmentation, add kn...

    Funded by: NERC

    Lead research organisation: NERC CEH (Up to 30.11.2019)

  • 'Innovate UK': Advancing Earth Observation Applications in Agriculture:developing wall-to-wall data products to improve environmental compliance

    A 2 year, £750k (£415k from Innovate UK) collaborative R&D investment by Ecometrica, Environment Systems and Rothamsted Research aims to develop wall-to-wall applications of Sentinel Earth Observation (EO...

    Funded by: NERC

    Lead research organisation: Rothamsted Research

  • Ecosystem Services Databank and Visualisation for Terrestrial Informatics

    Our project will allow researchers and students at Cranfield University, together with our research partners and collaborators, the opportunity to access, share and interact with a broad range of natural resource, soil a...

    Funded by: NERC

    Lead research organisation: Cranfield University

  • Engineering Transformation for the Integration of Sensor Networks: A Feasibility Study - 'ENTRAIN'

    There is a need to make use of new digital data analysis techniques to improve our understanding of the environment. Data from a new generation of environmental sensors, combined with analyses based on Artificial Intelli...

    Funded by: SPF

    Lead research organisation: UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

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